Dental Exams in Charlotte, NC

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Dental exams are a crucial part of maintaining your overall health and well-being.

The truth is that most oral/dental issues are silent until the disease or condition has done irreversible damage requiring expensive and uncomfortable repair work. Routine teeth examinations are key to catching these issues early and allowing your dentist to provide minimally invasive treatments that are much more likely to last long term.

At Dentistry on Monroe, we focus on educating our patients about their oral health status. Not only do we offer the latest in diagnostic imaging (extremely low-dose dental x-rays), but we take many photographs of your teeth and gums and review them with you. Nothing is hidden from you or left up to your imagination. We want our patients to see what we see so that their treatment decisions can be well-informed.

Why do I need a dental exam?         

Everyone needs regular dental exams because we are unable to monitor our own mouths responsibly, just like we cannot monitor the rest of our bodies with any degree of reliability without a physician interpreting our vital signs and blood work. We may be able to open our mouths wide in a mirror and look at parts of our teeth and tongue, but even then, you can only see about 50% of the picture. At Dentistry on Monroe we provide the most comprehensive look into the health and stability of your teeth and gums. This allows us to make sure you can enjoy a beautiful smile and strong healthy teeth for as long as possible.

Is dental cleaning the same thing as a dental exam?         

A dental cleaning is not the same thing as an exam, although the two often happen during the same appointment. A dental cleaning is focused on removing food and bacteria from your teeth and gums so that a detailed exam can be performed afterward. The more we can see during the exam, the better the exam will be!

What is included in a dental checkup?

A dental checkup involves examining the teeth, gums, tongue, the skin of the mouth, and an oral cancer screening. Sometimes we take and review diagnostic images, and sometimes we take measurements of the gums. All of these things are meant to screen for dental diseases so that they can be fixed while the solution is small, inexpensive, and reliable.

How much does a dental exam cost?

A dental exam is something for which almost all insurances provide coverage, meaning patients very often do not have to pay anything for this service. Please contact our office for specific information about your insurance coverage.

How long does a dental exam take?

A dental exam often takes only a few minutes, depending on what is revealed during the exam. If oral diseases are found, the exam part of the appointment may involve a longer discussion about treatment options, including education to ensure you understand your treatment options.

How often should I get my teeth examined?

Most people should get their teeth examined every 6 months. Waiting a long time between exam appointments increases the chance of small dental issues becoming larger and more difficult/costly to fix.

Having routine dental exams are an important part of taking care of your teeth and maintaining your beautiful smile. Dr. Turner and the whole staff at Dentistry on Monroe will provide you with the most comfortable dental exam possible and ensure you understand what your treatment plan is. Our goal is to help you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile for as long as possible.

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