Introducing Customized Anesthesia

Precision Numbing Technology

At Dentistry on Monroe, we are proud to unveil a groundbreaking advancement in dental care comfort: our Customized Anesthesia system, now officially “Patent Pending.” Developed by our own Dr. Eric Turner, this innovative technology revolutionizes the way numbing medicine is administered, making your dental experience more comfortable and efficient than ever before.

Revolutionizing Dental Anesthesia

For many, the thought of dental injections brings feelings of anxiety and discomfort. Traditional methods, relying on the dentist’s skill and experience, often require multiple injections to achieve complete numbness. These can be uncomfortable and sometimes fail to prevent unexpected painful sensations during the procedure.

Our Customized Anesthesia system changes the game. Using advanced 3D x-ray imaging and digital teeth scans, we pinpoint the exact location of the nerve that needs to be numbed. This precision targeting means fewer injections, less discomfort, and a significantly reduced risk of nerve damage or post-procedure soreness that often come with the traditional numbing technique.

Exclusive, Cutting-Edge Care

This technology is not just a step forward in dental care; it’s a leap into the future, and it’s available exclusively at Dentistry on Monroe. Invented and developed here, our Customized Anesthesia system is a testament to our commitment to using the latest technology to maximize your comfort and safety.

Join us at Dentistry on Monroe to experience the future of dental anesthesia, where your comfort is our priority, and innovative care is the standard.

Patent Pending Innovation

We are excited to announce that this unique method is officially “Patent Pending.” As we finalize the patent application within the coming year, we stand on the brink of a new era in dental care—one where discomfort and anxiety are no longer an inevitable part of your visit to the dentist.


A Passion for Excellence

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