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People often assume that oral health is only centered on the teeth, but in reality, the gums also contribute greatly to oral and overall health. You’ll find that you’ve been practicing all the dental hygiene practices you were taught back in middle school, brushing your teeth twice a day and even the occasional flossing, but still get comments that your breath is bad. You might also feel tenderness or swelling in your gums or even notice some bleeding when you brush or floss. If this is you, you are probably experiencing some level of gum disease.

To counter this, our dentist at Dentistry on Monroe will likely recommend you do a deep dental cleaning which is a common and straightforward procedure. 


Periodontal Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Dental Cleaning

The main difference between the two is that while a regular dental cleaning is focused on what’s above the gums, like stains and plaque on your teeth that you can see, a deep cleaning or
dental scaling goes deeper. Teeth Scaling removes plaque, tartar, and bacteria hiding in pockets deep under your gumline. Often these bacterial deposits are the main causes of gum disease. Regular cleaning, in this case, is not responsible as it might cause more harm than good. Since it focuses on what’s above the gums, the real problem bacterial deposits are left behind to continue their destruction of the gums and jaws, and it might even release the bacteria under your gums into your bloodstream. 

Benefits of Deep Dental Cleaning

As we’ve mentioned, if you have gum disease, a regular dental cleaning just won’t cut it. Instead, the only responsible option is a deep dental cleaning. By doing a deep clean, you will enjoy the following benefits:

• Get rid of the bacteria 
• Slowly alleviate the swelling and bleeding of the gums
• Preservation of the bone that holds the teeth in place
• Elimination of bad breath

 How Long Does Periodontal Teeth Cleaning Take

Deep cleaning is not a one-time procedure. In most cases, it is done for one side of the mouth at a time. Therefore, you’ll have to schedule one appointment for the right side and then come for another later to treat the left side. Each appointment should take approximately 90 minutes. This allows enough time to fully numb the area, do the deep cleaning, and then polish the teeth.

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What to Expect After A Deep Cleaning Treatment

After the procedure, your mouth might feel sore and your teeth might be a bit sensitive. Some patients also experience some level of bleeding a few days after the procedure. Your dentist might recommend desensitizing toothpaste that should help ease the discomfort. You’ll likely be prescribed a mouthwash to keep your gums as clean as possible while they heal, only to be used for a week or two. During this time it is important to ensure regular brushing and flossing after the deep clean to prevent the plaque from returning.

 Your dentist will want to re-evaluate the teeth and gums after a few weeks to check the healing progress, and to see if any bacterial deposits are still hanging around that might prevent healing. Finally, most patients that receive a deep cleaning are recommended to return for more frequent “maintenance” cleanings over the next year or so. This ensures the overall bacterial presence to stay low while the gums not only heal, but rebuild from the previous damage done by the gum disease.

Deep Cleaning Treatment at Dentistry of Monroe

During a deep clean Dr. Eric Turner will focus on scraping off any plaque and tartar which has accumulated under the gum line. This procedure reduces gum inflammation and improves the health of your gums.  

Deep cleanings can do wonders in relieving the symptoms of gum disease. If left unchecked, that gum disease can cause irreversible harm to the bone holding the teeth stable, eventually leading to tooth loss.

Cost of Deep Teeth Cleaning 

Deep cleaning treatments at our state-of-the-art clinic are often covered, at least partially, by dental insurance. If you do not plan on using dental insurance, talk with our skilled team about our dental membership plan to help make all treatments at Dentistry On Monroe as budget friendly as possible!

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