Deep Dental Cleaning in Charlotte NC

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People often assume that oral health is only centered on the teeth, but in reality, the gums also contribute greatly to oral and overall health. You may find that even with the right cleaning products and dental hygiene, you still get complaints about your breath.  


You may experience tenderness or swelling in your gums. Bleeding gums may also be visible. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you may be exhibiting symptoms of gum disease. A deep cleaning in Oakhurst, Charlotte, North Carolina can help alleviate the symptoms of gum disease and improve your oral health. 


Are Deep Cleanings Necessary?


The most significant difference between deep cleanings and regular cleanings is the depth of cleaning that is performed. Routine cleaning removes plaque and tartar above the gum line. Deep cleaning removes tartar and bacteria beneath the gum line. Deeply-ingrained tartar and bacteria are responsible for gum disease.

We highly recommend completing a deep cleaning before a regular cleaning if symptoms of gum disease are present. Routine cleanings can exacerbate the issues presented by gum disease and result in bacteria entering the bloodstream. If signs of gum disease are present, deep cleanings are absolutely necessary.

Benefits of Deep Dental Cleaning


If you have gum disease, a regular dental cleaning is not enough.The only responsible option is a deep teeth cleaning. Deep dental cleans offer the following benefits:

  • Removing bacteria 
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Preserving bone
  • Eliminating bad breath
How Long Does Periodontal Teeth Cleaning Take

Periodontal teeth cleaning is usually completed one side at a time. Appointments are scheduled separately. Deep cleanings take approximately 90 minutes and services include numbing, cleaning, and polishing.

Oakhurst charlotte, NC dental cleanings

What to Expect After A Deep Cleaning Treatment

Following treatment, your mouth and teeth may feel sensitive or sore. Bleeding can occur in the days following your procedure. Desensitizing toothpaste and mouthwash can help relieve pain and hasten healing. 

Thorough brushing from top to bottom and gentle flossing are essential to prevent plaque from returning. After two weeks, your dentist will want to check on your progress. You may also be encouraged to attend more frequent cleanings to continue to heal gum disease and prevent further issues.

Deep Cleaning Treatment

During a deep clean, Dr. Eric Turner will focus on scraping off any plaque and tartar that has accumulated under the gum line. This procedure reduces gum inflammation and improves the health of your gums. Untreated gum disease can irreparably harm the bone and lead to tooth loss.

Cost of Deep Teeth Cleaning 

Deep cleaning treatments at our state-of-the-art clinic are typically at least partially covered by insurance. If you do not plan on using dental insurance, talk with our skilled team about our dental membership plan.

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