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5 Benefits of a Dental Membership

Dental insurance is becoming unreasonably costly and is riddled with convoluted rules and limitations. Dental visits without insurance typically add up with each appointment and can be overwhelming, especially when more advanced dental work is needed. As an alternative, many dental patients are considering a dental membership plan. A dental membership plan involves paying a flat annual fee directly to the dentist’s office in exchange for all basic services that year (exams, x-rays, and basic cleanings when appropriate). Members are also given a certain percentage off the price of all other dental services. There are no waiting periods, no benefit limits, no contracts, and none of the other typical hoops and barriers present with traditional dental insurance.

A dental membership plan is your chance to receive standard preventative dental care and amazing deals on various restorative treatments for an annual/ monthly fee. Find out more about our in-house dental plans at Dentistry on Monroe in Charlotte, NC.

What is a Dental Membership Plan?

A dental membership plan is a dental savings plan and a superb alternative to dental insurance or paying out of pocket. While a dental membership plan isn’t health insurance, it is an alternative to dental insurance allowing patients without traditional dental insurance to receive quality dental care at reduced costs. Patients must pay an annual/ monthly membership fee directly to the dental practice for dental care and discounts on other treatments. Services included in an in-house membership plan vary across dentists and their patients’ dental needs.

Why are Dental Membership Plans Important?

A dental membership plan is important for patients who can’t easily afford the high costs of dental insurance or who are tired of the restrictions to care that come with dental insurance. It also reduces any waiting periods typical of insurance companies, allowing for faster servicing. More importantly, a dental membership is important in helping you save money by eliminating limits on the number of treatments covered under the plan. 

What are the main benefits of a dental membership plan?

The dental benefits of a membership plan include the following:

  • Cost Savings: A dental membership plan can be more cost-effective than conventional dental insurance plans. It has no deductibles, copays, or maximum limits on coverage. As a member, you can enjoy discounted rates on dental services, including routine cleanings, exams, and X-rays.
  • Access to Preventive Care: A dental membership plan encourages preventive care by covering regular cleanings, checkups, and other preventative treatments.
  • No Waiting Periods: Dental insurance plans have disappointing waiting periods for approvals. A dental membership plan typically has no waiting period for coverage. You can start using a dental membership plan’s benefits immediately after signing up for the plan.
  • Flexibility: A dental membership plan offers more flexibility than conventional insurance plans.
  • Convenience: A dental membership plan offers convenient online scheduling and payment options, making it easier for members to manage their dental care.

        What are the Dental Membership Plans Available at Dentistry on Monroe?

        Our dental membership plans at Dentistry on Monroe include the following:

        • Low-Cost Dental Coverage: Our low-cost dental coverage includes two dental exams, two regular cleanings, all radiograph images, and 30% off all other services. The coverage costs $300 per year for the first family member and $200 per year for additional family members.  
        • Ortho Coverage: Clear aligners can be costly if covered out of pocket or via insurance–if allowed. Our ortho coverage costs $4,000 for major clear aligner orthodontics and $2,250 for minor clear aligner orthodontics.

        Why Should You Choose a Membership Plan at Dentistry on Monroe?

        Reasons to sign up for our dental membership plan include the following:

          • Flexibility and Convenience: Our dental membership plans can flexibly accommodate different budgetary and dental needs. Moreover, you don’t have to undergo the hassle of following up with insurance providers to approve your dental treatment or cleaning payments. Simply sign up for our dental plan and get the required dental services immediately.
          • Friendly and Professional Staff: Our staff at Dentistry on Monroe is highly trained to treat all patients professionally and friendly, regardless of your needs or requests.
          • Latest Technology for Comfort and Quality: Dentistry on Monroe is a leader in using the most up-to-date technology to provide patients with the highest quality dental care in a comfortable atmosphere.

          Contact Us Today for More Information About Dental Memberships

          At Dentistry on Monroe, we want our patients to have good oral health, starting with preventive care appointments. Our dental membership programs and discount plans are designed to benefit your dental health. Services like oral cancer screening, fluoride treatments, and other dental procedures are essential. If our dental membership feels like the right choice for you or your family, please contact our office today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

          Dr. Turner - Dentistry on Monroe

          Eric Turner, DMD 

          Dr. Eric Turner, DMD, a Philadelphia native and Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry graduate, employs a blend of advanced medical knowledge, fine motor skills, and compassionate patient care in his Charlotte-based dental practice. With a high-level expertise in dental implants, Invisalign, and restorative and cosmetic dentistry, he leverages his advanced training to improve the quality of his work and optimize patient comfort. Outside his practice, Dr. Turner, a passionate traveler, scuba diver, skier, guitarist, and culinary enthusiast, cherishes his new home and community in Charlotte, NC.